What Is Black Stainless?


Black Stainless Steel – The Latest Question In Appliance Finishes

Appliance Finish Options Refined Renovations Black Stainless

 Since kitchens have become the gathering place for the home, what was once purely functional now must be beautiful as well. Not only are you choosing tile, flooring, countertops, and lighting, but you must consider how your appliance finish will tie it all together. Stainless is the crowd favorite – subtle, clean, and sharp, this brushed silver finish matches with any wood or paint choice. It reflects lights well and is clean and sanitary. GE’s Slate is a fairly recent newcomer and is exhibiting some staying power after four years, but this warm, matte, dark grey choice still lags behind stainless in terms of overall popularity. Miele’s Truffle Brown and Brilliant White are sleek and interesting options that look amazing in the right setting. But if none of these trip your trigger?

Refined Renovations Black Stainless

It’s not exactly stainless, and KitchenAid wants you to consider it for your kitchen. The new ‘Black Stainless’ appliance finish option offers another subtle option for those looking to replace their suite of appliances. It combines the warmth of slate with the sheen of stainless, and hides fingerprints to boot. Worth checking out in person, the collection feels well-crafted for a good price. Consumers are still waiting for a slide in rage (KitchenAid is promising it this fall) but the fridge, double ovens, dishwasher, microwave, and coordinating vent hood are currently on the market. Combined with a sleek induction or gas cooktop, a suite of black stainless appliances fit in well with any high-end kitchen design.

Refined Renovations Black Stainless

For those looking for a high-end kitchen with panache, this collection is well-designed and versatile. Whether you’re in need of a simple and sleek dinner prep area or a kitchen tailor made for a chef, a thorough design process with considered integration will yield you a kitchen that will look great for the next twenty years.Refined Renovations Black Stainless

If you’re ready to update your kitchen or any other part of your home, we would love to help you get started.