Heated Flooring Options, Why It Could be Necessary

Are you considering starting a remodeling project this winter? If you are considering it, a Milwaukee renovation project would not be complete without the addition of heated floors. When remodeling your home, consider heated flooring options for
one or more of the rooms in your house. Radiant floor heating is not just a luxury while you live in your home, but it is also a great selling feature when you are ready to sell. These are just a couple reasons to consider heated flooring options.

Heated Flooring OptionsTwo Kinds of Heated Flooring Options

First things first, you want to learn about the two different options. There are two main kinds of floor heating. Electric installation involves wiring electric cords under your flooring. Hydronic is a system that involves hot water tubing that is graphed under your flooring. These are the two systems that have been implemented the most in homes and they are proven excellent methods for heating your floors.

Heating A Room

There is another fantastic reason to choose heated flooring. The most efficient and effective way to heat a room or a house is with radiant floor heating. Heat rises, so if you have a forced hot air system that has vents, that heat is rising right to the top of the room, leaving the top of your body roasting and your feet and legs cold. With heated floors, the heat starts at the bottom, warming you from bottom to top and keeping you warm since heat does, indeed rise.

Pros and Cons

Of course, there are pros and cons to both heated flooring options. The electric system is easy to install, therefore, less expensive to install. The con to the electric system is the high cost. Electric rates climb every year and not always so slightly. The hydronic system is expensive to install but will save you money over the years since it is inexpensive to run. So you need to decide if you want to heat your entire house or just a room or two. This will determine your long term costs and short-term costs and which heated flooring option you need.

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