Washington Highlands Playroom


This Washington Highland home has a rightful place on the register of historic homes. From the copper gutters to the leaded windows and miles of original woodwork, much of the history has ben reserved through the years. When our homeowners purchased the home, they loved the recently renovated kitchen and it’s combination of historical features and modern amenities. A partnership was born and more spaces created.

A Room of Their Own

Existing Attic, playroomThis playroom came out of the need for the kids to have an out-of-the-way space to play that was still warm, safe, and comfortable.¬†From an entirely unfinished attic, a small storage area was carvedand the rest dedicated to play-space. Two low cabinets with sliding doors were built under the slope of the roof, providing storage without taking from the room. A pair of built-in cabinets with a mix of shelving and drawer space flanks the television and hold books, games, and the odd action figure. Existing Window, playroomA Wi-Fi security camera allows the parents to check on happenings in the playroom via an iPhone app – a great feature when the parent’s playroom is three floors away. New windows replace old units and flood this space with sunlight and warmth. From a dusty and cluttered attic to a welcoming and useful space, this small renovation is big on lifestyle return and promises years of fun to come.




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