Washington Highlands Tiny Bathroom


A home in the historic Washington Highlands had loads of historic charm and a few spaces already renovated by Refined Renovations. An empty and cold basement space was next in line for improvement. The family together with Refined Renovations began to design a pub room inspired by travels in Europe. Convenience necessitated a bathroom on this level, but space had become a rare commodity. The answer came in the shape of a three-foot by ten-foot wine cellar off of the foyer leading to the pub room.

The Tiny Bathroom Comes to Life

A lot of design and ingenuity later, a tiny bathroom was born. A full stand-up shower is encased by tile and a glass door, allowing light from the uncovered glass block window to flood the room. A ten inch deep sink provides modern flair and function. White subway tiles on the wall and black hex tiles on the floor are unified with the same dark gray grout color. These tile choices mimic the upstairs bath and tie this bathroom into the rest of this historic home. A fully usable and comfortable tiny bathroom makes this basement renovation a complete success.

  • tiny bathroom, subway tile, white, tiny sink
  • tiny bathroom, subway tile, white, tiny sink, glass block window
  • Brown Toilet Tiny Bath