Looking Up – Ceiling Options for 2016


The Fifth Wall – What Opportunities are You Missing?

Geometric Ceiling of St Annes Church, Edinburgh

Amazing Geometric Ceiling of St Annes Church in Edinburgh

Renovation rarely start because of the ceiling. At best, it’s the backdrop for a fabulous chandler, but when have you heard someone bragging excitedly about their ceiling? Ceiling options, new and old, and being brought back into the spotlight as the way to make a space truly fantastic. Read on for our suggestions, then go out and get some bragging rights of your own.

ceiling options, Refined Renovations, TinTIN

Tin ceilings have been around since the late 1800’s, when they began as a budget-friendly way to dress up a room. A century later their appeal has not diminished. The range of materials and patterns available means tin ceilings can be adapted to any style. Cover a whole ceiling or frame out an accent with some fabulous pendant lights.




ceiling options, Refined Renovations, paintPAINT

It seems like an obvious choice and yet neglected ceilings are everywhere. We won’t lie, painting a ceiling is no easy task but the payoff is worth it. Taking inspiration from the room’s rug, we dressed up this adolescent artist’s room with some bold stripes. If this is a little too in your face, try playing with one color but varying sheens. See the ‘how’ here.




ceiling options, Refined Renovations, BeamsBEAMS

Sometimes they’re integral to the structure of the home, sometimes they just look really good. Beams are a great way to add history and depth to a room. This project had existing Spancrete beams, so rather than go though the hassle of removing them, we created wood frames that look great and also serve to conceal electronic wiring. We’ve used reclaimed barn beams to add history to a lakeside kitchen, and the load-bearing pillars in this lower level became an important part of the decor when outfitted with new wood frames and an interesting ceiling accent.



ceiling options, Refined Renovations, AnglesANGLES

Angles are a great way to make a space truly extraordinary. Best utilized as part of a larger renovation due to the effort involved, interesting angles are a great way to frame interesting features or draw the eye to a certain point. This Whitefish Bay master bedroom features angles to frame the window, follow the Prairie-style roofline, and account for the steel beams necessary to create the structure. Different shades of a similar color serve to accentuate the many angles.




ceiling options, Refined Renovations, PlanksPLANKS

Planks are a subtle and warm way to separate small, purpose-driven spaces from a larger room. Within the context of an open-plan kitchen and living room, the dinette area is given it’s own distinct look with vertical pine boards. Between this warm addition and a dramatic chandelier, the homeowners have forgone window treatments as unnecessary.




Whether you end up with one of our favorites or design a solution of your own, don’t miss out on the great opportunity to utilize this empty canvas. Your ‘fifth wall’ is ready and waiting.