Looking Up – Ceiling Options for 2016

The Fifth Wall – What Opportunities are You Missing?

Geometric Ceiling of St Annes Church, Edinburgh

Amazing Geometric Ceiling of St Annes Church in Edinburgh

Renovation rarely start because of the ceiling. At best, it’s the backdrop for a fabulous chandler, but when have you heard someone bragging excitedly about their ceiling? Ceiling options, new and old, and being brought back into the spotlight as the way to make a space truly fantastic. Read on for our suggestions, then go out and get some bragging rights of your own.

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What Is Black Stainless?

Black Stainless Steel – The Latest Question In Appliance Finishes

Appliance Finish Options Refined Renovations Black Stainless

 Since kitchens have become the gathering place for the home, what was once purely functional now must be beautiful as well. Not only are you choosing tile, flooring, countertops, and lighting, but you must consider how your appliance finish will tie it all together. Stainless is the crowd favorite – subtle, clean, and sharp, this brushed silver finish matches with any wood or paint choice. It reflects lights well and is clean and sanitary. GE’s Slate is a fairly recent newcomer and is exhibiting some staying power after four years, but this warm, matte, dark grey choice still lags behind stainless in terms of overall popularity. Miele’s Truffle Brown and Brilliant White are sleek and interesting options that look amazing in the right setting. But if none of these trip your trigger?

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Milwaukee Remodeler Awards

Good Food, Great People, Phenomenal Projects

Refined Renovation, Milwaukee NARI, NARI

Last week we attended the yearly Wisconsin Remodeler Awards hosted by Milwaukee NARI. (The largest and most active NARI branch in the country, by the way.) Every year, local Milwaukee remodelers can submit exceptional projects which are then judged by Minnesota NARI professionals.

This year, we were honored to accept one silver and two gold awards for our three submitted projects. It was a great night full of great conversation and astounding projects. We are eternally lucky to be surrounded by so much talent, and we can’t wait to see what happens next year! Here are the projects for 2015. What do you think?

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Cabinet Options

What’s Best for Your Renovation?

Cabinet Options, bare wood, unfinished cabinets, Refined Renovations

Cabinets at our shop await assembly. This is an entire kitchen!

This past weekend saw us at the Wisconsin Expo center talking to visitors about how they would like to improve their home. A lot of the conversations centered on cabinets and whether it’s better to refinish existing units or replace the whole kit and caboodle. For a full kitchen renovation, cabinets will likely be the single largest investment. It can be difficult for consumers to stomach the cost upfront without knowing all they gain from a full replacement. Good cabinets will last twenty to fifty years and you will use them daily, so there is something to ensuring quality and longevity.  Cabinets set the tone for a kitchen, so it’s no wonder we were asked about everything from simply replacing the hardware to refacing to full removal and replacement. Here are your options.

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How to Have the Best Remodel Project on the Block

Traits of a Great Remodel

Every year, the Milwaukee chapter of NARI organizes and hosts the Wisconsin Remodeler Awards. For months beforehand, local remodelers are surveying their best projects for inclusion. Selected projects are judged on how well they met their client’s needs, and on our ability to demonstrate functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Wisconsin Remodeler Awards Invitation, remodel project

We were excited to submit three projects this year, each (we hope) a good indication of our company and the spaces we create for our clients. The framework for the submissions follows closely what we focus on when creating spaces, different factors that all combine for a successful project and space.

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