Bathroom Remodel Ideas : What’s Hot in 2015


Remodel Your Bath into a Relaxing Escape

We’d like to share our top five bathroom remodel ideas that will turn your bathroom into your favorite room of the home. Some are things we see a lot, some are things we’d love to see more of, but any of these will make your bathroom remodel a winner.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Subway Tile, Frameless Shower, Blue bathroom

A Wauwatosa bathroom embodies the perfect fusion of modern and timeless.

White Subway TileBathroom Remodel Ideas, White Subway Tile in Vintage Bathroom

This tile has been a favorite for over a century. It’s simple, it’s classic, and it’s extremely adaptable.With so many color and shape options available, white subway tile remains a favorite because this unassuming piece creates clean lines with a vintage feel.

Make it modern by using a contrasting grout. Grout is a necessary part of any tile project, but it’s taken on a life of it’s own thanks to a myriad of colors now available.Besides the traditional gray and tan shades you can now choose vibrant colors, grout with glitter, or even grout that glows in the dark.

 Frameless ShowerBathroom Remodel Ideas, Frameless Glass Shower with White Subway Tile

Most bathrooms, especially in older homes, are small and dark. Bathrooms have become more than a utility space, they are a place for relaxination and reflection. One way to open up the space is to choose a frameless shower. By only partially enclosing the shower, and using glass with no heavy metal hardware, the sight lines remain as long as room dimensions allow.

If space allows, consider making the shower curb-less as well. It will aid in making the space look bigger, and is a good detail to have if you plan to age in place.

Wall-Mounted FaucetsBathroom Remodel Ideas, Metal & Stone Tile with a Wall Mounted Faucet

While there are practical benefits to having less clutter on a countertop, this is one feature that is almost purely aesthetic. Wall-mounted faucets make your bathroom easier to clean and allows for more room on the counter, which is all well and good. It makes our list because it just looks so sharp. Paired with a gorgeous tile backsplash, wall-mounted faucets look sleek and intentional, turning a necessary utility into an attractive feature.

Cast Concrete CountertopsBathroom Remodel Ideas, Cast Concrete Sink, custom trough

We’ve touched on this option for your kitchen, but due to it’s soft feel and pliable nature, cast concrete is a popular option for your vanity as well. The color options are endless, and the nature of concrete means that it can be cast into any shape necessary for the project. The pliability allows for creative shaping and draining options, and the durability means that it’ll look great for years to come.

GrayBathroom Remodel Ideas, Gray Bathroom, Frameless Shower, Subway Tile

We’re seeing a love of this color everywhere lately. It’s sleek in the kitchen, classic in living areas, and serene in bathrooms. Gray is becoming a fast favorite for it’s versatility – in this recent Mequon bathroom renovation, gray walls are paired with dark cabinetry and white wood for a sleek and modern feel that still provides the serenity necessary in a bathroom.