6 Things You Need to Work From Home


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With modern technology and new views on a good work/life balance, working from home has never been so possible or so popular. But being able to successfully work from home needs more than a laptop and a comfy bed – read on to assemble a workspace that will practically run itself.

Sensible Desk

Desk, Home Office, Refined Renovations, Milwaukee Remodeling The possibilities are truly endless, so consider your use and follow suit. You might need nothing more than a small writing table with space enough for your laptop and a coffee. Don’t underestimate your clutter – if you need the space, spring for a bigger desk. You can go as high end as you want, or DIY something to fit your needs perfectly. Standing desks are becoming more popular and can be built into an easily concealable nook. Or instead of a desk, consider a small table – drop leaf tables are perfect because they can be folded up to take up less space when you’re off the clock.

Comfortable Chair

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This is a no-brainer. If you’re sitting all day, you need to enjoy where you’re sitting. Whether that means a super-plush office chair, or a simple wooden chair, just make sure it works for you.

Good Storage –

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Generally, home offices are stuck into whatever extra space is available. To make the most of this small space, create storage with intention. Figure out what you’ll have crossing your desk and prepare for it. Utilize the wall – a few low-profile wall bins will do wonders to keep your desk clean. Get a filing cabinet – and it doesn’t have to be cold, gray metal either, unless that’s your aesthetic. A good set of bookshelves will hold much more than books, and a few well-placed baskets or bins will help keep everything from paper clips to fabric samples neat and organized.

Decent Lighting –

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It’ll wake you up and keep you awake. Generally, you’ll want to have good general lighting that will illuminate the whole space, and some additional task lighting like a desk lamp. Get one with a lightbulb that mimics sunlight for an especially invigorating experience.

Bulletin Board/Magnetic board

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For notes, for inspiration, for reminders. It’s right in front of your face so it’s a great place for some motivational quotes, inspiring pictures, or anything that you’ll benefit from looking at every day. Get cute pins or magnets and have fun with this.

Sufficient Tech

Home Office, Refined Renovations, Milwaukee Remodeling

You’ll need a laptop, smartphone, good wifi, and surge protector at the very least. The tech is a given – you probably have a good laptop and smartphone. Make sure your WiFi can handle your traffic. Get a surge protector – it will keep random power outages from frying your equipment and losing all of your work. It might not happen often, but when it happens to you you’ll wish you were prepared. It’s also nice to have the extra outlets for phone chargers, noise makers, ect. A scanner/printer, shredder, and speakers are all “nice to haves” as well.

Of course, what you need will depend greatly on the space available and your specific job requirements, so think about you and what you’ll need. Setting yourself up for successes with a well-thought-out home office will make working from home that much more enjoyable, and you’ll have fun in the process.

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